transmissionThe transmission system in your car is perhaps one of the most complex and vital parts that keep your car running smoothly. The transmission is responsible for converting power from the engine into the torque that accelerates and turns your wheels, and without it, you simply wouldn’t be able to get your ride moving! Since the transmission system is so important and complex, drivers need certified mechanics they can trust to make sure it stays in working condition and can last them the long haul. That’s where the team at Arthur’s Automotive comes in. With years of training and expertise in engines and the transmission system, the pros at Arthur’s Automotive take pride in getting you the best transmission service in Portland, OR, and getting you the best drive possible. So come into Arthur’s Automotive today, and let us show you why we’re the trusted auto shop for drivers in Portland, OR. The best transmission repair in Portland, OR!

Transmission Service Portland OR

When it’s time for a tune up of your engine and transmission service, come see our team at Arthur’s Automotive in Portland, OR! To make sure your vehicle will carry you through tough roads for years to come, regular service and preventative maintenance according to your manufacturer recommendations is vital, so don’t hesitate, make an appointment for transmission service in Portland, OR at Arthur’s Automotive today!

Transmission Repair Portland OR

Because your transmission is such a vital part of helping your car run smoothly, it’s important to stay up to date on maintenance service, and to take it in for repairs as soon as you notice anything not running properly. Some of the signs your transmission may be in need of repair include:

  • Difficulty or delays in changing gears
  • Shaky vehicle, regardless of acceleration
  • A burning smell from under your hood
  • Vehicle leaking fluids

Once you notice any of those signs, bring your car into Arthur’s Automotive for an inspection and diagnostic, and our team will get you thorough and efficient transmission service right here in Portland, OR, and get you back on the road.

Transmission Repair Near Me

For a transmission system that will stay reliable and durable on the long road ahead, be sure to come see the team of expert mechanics at Arthur’s Automotive for top quality transmission service in Portland, OR! Your transmission system is responsible for getting you where you need to go, so don’t put off those necessary repairs and maintenance. For your appointment, you can give us a call, schedule online, or come in and see us in our shop today! We look forward to servicing your ride!

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