Engine Repair & Service

engine repair and service

If your check engine light has recently come on, or you’ve noticed your car rides have been a little bumpier than usual, your engine is most certainly in need of a little TLC. Thankfully, drivers know they can rely on the team at Arthur’s Automotive to get them quality engine service and repair right here in Portland, OR. So come see us at Arthur’s Automotive today, and we’ll take care of everything under the hood and get the power back in your ride.

Engine Service Portland OR

Your engine is perhaps the most important system in your vehicle, and when it’s not working properly, you can tell. At Arthur’s Automotive, we offer a wide range of engine services to drivers in Portland, OR, and we’ll go the extra mile so you can drive in safety and confidence! Some of the engine services we offer:

  • Fuel System Cleaning: At Arthur’s Automotive, we’ll clean your fuel system, injectors and combustion chamber by removing deposits and residue, leaving you with a clean and smooth ride
  • Fluid Exchange: Help keep your car cool in the summer and stopping smoothly by replacing your car’s fluids, such as coolant and brake fluids.
  • Spark Plug Replacement: Do you remember the last time you replaced your spark plugs? Our expert mechanics at Arthur’s Automotive can take care of that, giving your vehicle optimal performance with new spark plugs, according to your manufacturer recommendations.
  • and much more!

Help your engine run smoothly and last on the long road ahead by coming in for great engine service in Portland, OR with the pros at Arthur’s Automotive. We’ll make sure your car is running in top notch condition, guaranteed.

Engine Repair Portland OR

Next time your check engine light comes on, don’t stress, just come see the pros at Arthur’s Automotive for top quality engine repair in Portland, OR! When your check engine light comes on, it could mean any number of things. You could just need a quick motor oil change, or it could be a small engine misfire. Whatever the cause for your check engine light, we’ve got you covered here at Arthur’s Automotive, and we’ll be sure to get you back on the road with a smooth engine in no time!

Engine Repair Near Me

Whether you need a speedy oil change, new spark plugs, or a complete overhaul of your engine, the pros at Arthur’s Automotive in Portland, OR can handle it! To schedule your appointment for engine service and repair, feel free to give us a call, book online, or swing by and see us in our shop!

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