Vehicle Maintenance

Brakes – One of the most important things on a vehicle to have checked, so we are happy to check them for you, and we are not just checking for ware but for bad or faulty hardware, cracked brake hoses, leaky calipers, warped / cracked rotors and drum condition, fluid, ABS control system and more.

Interior – We offer a full upholstery service from tears, uncomfortable seats, saggy headliners, convertible tops, floor mats and more

Engine – Needs more than just the oil and filter changed, that’s why we will Check your mounts, belts, fluids, pumps, seals, compression, pulleys, alternators, batteries, starters, hoses and something you might not know your car had.

Transmission – We can help you Keep your transmission cleaned maintained and properly working to keep you on the road with out a transmission bill.

Timing Belts – We will Inspect Your Belt and Then Replace it accordingly along with Check Your Pulleys, other Belts, water pump, oil seals, and anything else in related area so your covered.

Drive Belts –We Will Replace your Worn Cracked or Sometimes Missing Belts With Brand New Premium Replacements

Oil Changes – We Will Check All your Fluids and Drain Out your old Dirty oil and Refill it will the correct Oil and Replace your oil Filter while advising you about leaks your vehicle has if any are found.

Scheduled Maintenance – We Inspect Your Car Just like the dealer would for regular maintenance, inspections, and replacement parts and check for recalls.

Fuel Service – There are many Signs that shout Fuel Service, we will tell you about those signs for your particular vehicle and explain to you all the benefits and rewards of the fuel service.

Coolant Service – Sometimes your coolant needs to be replaced, Flushed or even a deep clean. We can help with that quick and pain free

Engine Light – Most of the time we can check this for free and put together a plan for repairs from there if needed.

Brake/Abs Light – We have the latest equipment to perform the right fix to get your brake system working properly again.

AirBag Light – This lite is something that should always be checked out at first sight to make sure your airbags are working properly.

AC Service and Heater System – Uncomfortable temperatures can make a fun relaxed road trip a long miserable journey but we can make that heater blow colder and that heater blow hotter. Just ask us how.

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